Terms and Conditions

General Conditions!

The client must read carefully and give his accord on the conditions stipulated in the Rental Contract. The owner reserves the right to decline a booking without any explanations.

For a car rental the followings are necessary: a valid ID card and a valid driving license.

Client's Age

The minimum age of the client must be 21 years and the client must posses a valid national driving license valid for at least an year. When returning a car the client must present a valid ID card or passport as well as the driving license.

Rental Payment

Accepted payments:
- CASH: in RON at the RNB selling rate from the renting day
- BANK TRANSFER: this is permited only before the renting period

The minimum renting period is 24 hours. The car renting prices are given in Euro and they include VAT and third party ensurences. The payment must be done in cash in advance at the exchange rate given by NBM for the payment day. 

The client has the obligation to pay the owner the amount mentioned in the Rental Contract, as well as the traffic tickets, parking fees and any other fines received by violating the Driving Law.


When picking up a rental car the client must deposit a waranty between 100 Euro. This waranty will be returned if the car is returned in good state and in the same state in which it was picked up, except the normal ware of the car. 

For damages caused to the car by client's fault, the waranty may be partialy or totaly kept by the owner depending on the severity of the damages. 

In the case of loosing the car's papers or keys there will be applied a penalty of 250 Euro.

Car Pick up/Return

The car pick ups/returns from our head-quarters (#2 Regina Maria bd., Sector 4, Bucharest) between the schedule hours (Monday-Sunday: 08:00 – 22:00) are not charged. The car pick up between the schedule hours from another location except our head-quarters is charged with 20 Euro. 

The car is delivered with a tank full of gas and it must be returned in the same state. For any fuel difference the charge applied by the owner will be equivalent with 1,0 Euro/missing liter. The car must be returned at the ending of the Rental Contract and the car must be cleaned inside and outside, with all the documents, accessories and equipments given on the date and place stipulated int the Rental Contract. 

In the case of anounced return delays between one and three hours than the time stipulated in the contract the owner will charge a fee representing the half of the one day renting price and for delays greather than three hours the owner will charge a fee representing the full price for one day renting. 

The extension of the renting period can be done only with the owner's concent. 

If the car return delay is unanounced and the renting period stipulated in the contract has expired, the contract in rendered void and the owner reserves the right to declare the car as stolen to the Police. 

The pick up and returning of the car can be done in other locations in the country with the concent of the owner and based on a determined fee.


The client agrees that in case of an accident, theft or distruction to protect the owner intrests, obtain the necesary paper work and not to abandon the car. 

The client is obligated to anounce the owner via phone in 3 days max from any incident. 

In case of an accident the client is obligated to declare it at a Police station that will note the damages and issue the following papers: 
- The police report with an officer's signature and the unit stamp 
- Repair autorization with the officer's signature and the unit stamp 

The above papers are a must for ensurance purposes and car repairing. Without these papers the client is held responsable for all the repairs needed. 

If the client is under the influence of narcotics, alcohol or not recomended medicine, the payment for the damage caused to the car rests entirely on him. 

The owner can't be held responsable for accidents made by the client or third persons, accidents that affect the car functionalities as well as loosing the objects from inside the car.



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